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Mission Statement To be recognized as the leading service provider in implementing Enterprise Content Management solutions. Our charter is delivering unsurpassed services that help transform our clients’ technology investment into a total solution. We provide industry and technical expertise to meet clients' business needs and expand the value of their business solutions. e-Doc Solution is a consulting firm specializing in ECM (enterprise content management). By the end of the millennium, as the Internet evolved into a business tool, enterprises wanted one view of all their data. It is becoming a common requirement to have one solution that could seamlessly manage all the data within an enterprise, leading to ECM's emergence last year. "True ECM entails managing unstructured data throughout its life cycle," It is the convergence between DM (document management) and WCM (web content management)." ECM's confusion goes beyond its name: managing structured and unstructured data. Equally as important to this management functionality (e.g. auditing data, workflow, archival, version control, and security) is the way data is presented (e.g. via the portal, intranet, Internet, catalogue, or wireless device) along with the business rules and personalized formatting that drives the content presentation. ECM is supposed to alleviate these pain points. Still, organizations face a more significant challenge: How do I know if my organization needs an ECM system? Which product is best for my organization? And this is what e-Doc. , we provide consulting and professional services to assist business managers in selecting and implementing the right product for their organization.

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